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Harmonic pattern

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  • Harmonic patterns are used to best predict the possible tipping point in trends
  • The primary harmonic patterns are 5-point (Gartley, Butterfly, Crab, Bat, Shark and Cypher) patterns. These patterns have embedded 3-point (ABC) or 4-point (ABCD) patterns. All the price swings between these points are interrelated and have harmonic ratios based on Fibonacci.
  • Feature
  • Up to 11 Harmonic Patterns can be detected automatically.
  • Detection of potential investment area for identification of point D.
  •  It detects ALL 6 most accurate harmonic patterns: Gartley, Buterfly, Crab, Bat, Cypher, Shark

  • The indicator also plots all of the component Fibonacci retracement and extension ratios within the pattern...

  • Displays all historical patterns as well as pending & potential patterns...

  • Gives you alerts as soon as a valid pattern forms...

  • Show you Stop loss and take profit

  • 85% winning rate
  • Free update
  • Life time access
  • All currency pair 

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