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ATRH “ average true range” Scaling Indicator , Buy/sell signal , Works as trailing stop, Clarifies the market trend, Alert feature

$39.00 USD


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  • Profitable signals
  • ATRH is equipped with unique trading algorithm that will provide highly accurate buy and sell signals
  • Trend power detection
  • ATRH will remove any doubts you may have about entering the trade, you see the exact percentage of how strong the current trend is.
  • Three types of alerts:
  • A smart notification system that works in 3 ways will alert you about every signal so that you will never miss the chance to get Profit.
  • Four trading modes
  • In order to fit personal trading style ATRH makes it possible to choose one of its four powerful modes by changing the setting.
  • 100% no preppint!
  • ATRH never repaints! Yes , you heard it right, you will never have to worry about signal changing after you’ve taken the trade.
  • Support 24/7
  • E-mail us about any question you have
  • Happy trading
  • Scaling Indicator
  • Available in Tradingview.com and MT4
  • More than 80 percent winning rate 
  • All timeframe 
  • All currency pair 
  • Life time access
  • Buy/sell signal
  • Free update
  • Free e-book
  • Works as trailing stop
  • Clarifies the market trend
  • Alert feature

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