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If you’re unsatisfied with the educational resources that we have provided or the bots and indicators that we have offered, we can deliver a refund as long as it matches the conditions of our refund policy. 

We offer educational resources on how to set up any of our tools for bots and indicators. If you need to troubleshoot any issue related to our tools or bots that cannot be found in our educational resources, contact us today and our live chat experts can assist you. If you are seeking troubleshooting for tools that are third party, we would ask that you bring that to the attention of the developer that published these tools.

To take advantage of new trends within the market and the latest improvements and strategies, we will be offering ongoing updates to our educational resources and indicators. For your subscription fee you will be able to access a wealth of knowledge which is future proofed because it is regularly updating.

We provide educational training resources on multiple markets and assets. These are items which been produced by investment experts and constructed as learning modules within our system. If you’d like to learn how to trade in Forex assets, be sure to visit this section of the course and book is your education on these learning resources so that you can fast-track your investment strategy in Forex trading.

We will be regularly updating the tools and bots that are hosted on our site. Any of the third-party tools that we host or recommend will have updated links to the latest version of these tools for our users as well. We want to make sure that you can stay in the loop with the best tools, bots and versions of your favourite tools.

To pay for the subscription, we would Recommend using PayPal or your credit card and cryptocurrencies of choice.

If you lose access to your account and need to reset your password just follow the “forgot password” link. This will give you the option to reset your password and access your dashboard for learning resources again. If you get locked out of your account for any reason, contact our support staff and we can initiate a recovery if you are unable to access the password reset link.

We want to add new value toward platform for our customers by expanding the investment strategies that we offer. We’re going to be researching new markets and new assets to help you plan for the future. 

You can user educational resources to make more informed trades but we would strongly recommend completing the modules before you start to trade or form an investment strategy. We want to arm our users with the knowledge they need to build a successful portfolio but our users will have to put in the work to learn the strategies that have helped many of our experts find success in the markets.

when you are going to purchase the indicators you must provide us your tradingview.com ID in the note section, once your payment is confirmed we will give you access to our indicators,
you can click on indicators on TradingView then on invite only section you will find your indicators

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