How It Works

First you need to click on "Get your ITA now " to complete your order and then you will receive a link to download ITA.

Next you need to install the file on your Computer.

If you purchased a  ITA technical tools then You Can Link Your Exchange API With Your ITA Assistant,Receive  Purchasing Opportunities Alarm. And if you purchased an educational tool after download it you may access all the videos inside.


Please note do not try to filter out all lossing trades with the use of indicator. This is not a robot and it doesn't trade for you. Let the indicator confirm your trade bias and don't follow it blindly. ITA will gives you signal only and placing order must be done by yourself. Do not use this on epic market news days. 


 We recommend you to have money management plan and always set stop loss for better result in your trading. When you see the arrows immediately take BUY/SELL action. We explain this informations and also one specific trading strategy all in videos of each product, watch them till the end.